Travel Fitness Equipment


Compact and Portable Training Equipment

When you're on the go, staying committed to your fitness goals can be challenging. At Rogue Fitness, we understand the importance of maintaining your workout routine, no matter where life takes you. Whether you’re packing your suitcase light for a flight or loading up the car and heading to the beach, we offer a diverse selection of portable and compact training equipment designed to meet the needs of travelers or anyone wanting to take their training outside of the gym.

Training While Traveling

Staying fit while traveling doesn't have to be complicated. Our selection of training gear includes versatile tools to get a great workout in, regardless of where your travels take you.

  • Rucks and Weight Vests: Add a ruck or weighted vest to your walk or hike and get the benefits of a cardio and muscle building workout all in one. Pair your ruck with our Rogue Pack Sled as added weight or to drag for an additional challenge.
  • Dumbbells: Getting and staying fit can be done with simple compact tools. Rogue dumbbells can be used for a number of movements, like presses, rows, squats, cleans, and more, making them easy to incorporate into any workout routine for an added challenge. 
  • Kettlebells: Similar to dumbbells, kettlebells offer a myriad of benefits that contribute to overall strength, endurance, and functional fitness. From swings to presses and squats, achieve a full body workout with a single compact piece of equipment.
  • Sandbags: Challenge your core while building total body strength with Rogue sandbags. Use our Rogue Strongman Sandbags for cleans and carries, or our classic Rogue Sandbag for presses, lunges, and more.
  • Jump Ropes and Bands: Traveling light? We’ve got you covered. Easily pack gear like a jump rope and bands in your gym bag or suitcase to get a cardio or resistance workout anywhere you go. 
  • Short Bars and Bumpers: At Rogue, we’re fond of barbells and if you’re anything like us, you hate to miss a weightlifting session. Our compact short bars are ideal for taking on the road or training in tight spaces. If you’re training outdoors our crumb rubber bumper plates offer great durability on rough surfaces.
  • Bodyweight Training: For those taking the minimalistic approach to training, there’s no shortage of workouts that can be done with just your bodyweight. For a full bodyweight training program check out the eBook programs from Mayhem Athlete and PRVN.

Create Your Ideal Equipment Package

With our wide selection of training gear you have the ability to get exactly what you need for any type of training. 

Pair our C-70S or C-68S short bars with bumper plates for effective weightlifting sessions, no gym required. For endurance and strength, combine the GORUCK Rucker with our Pack Sled. Dumbbells and our Fold Up Utility Bench offer flexibility for varied workouts. Pack essentials like a speed rope, wood rings, and resistance bands into your bag for comprehensive training options wherever you go.

Discover the freedom of staying fit on your terms with Rogue’s portable workout equipment. From strength training to conditioning, our gear empowers athletes, coaches, and fitness enthusiasts of all levels to achieve their goals—anytime, anywhere. Whether you're a regular traveler or like to take your training outside the gym, our compact solutions ensure you never compromise on performance. Gear up today and elevate your training experience with Rogue Fitness.