Weight Benches


Rogue Weight Benches

Discover a wide range of high-quality benches, all made in the USA and designed to elevate your strength training performance. Whether you're a powerlifter, all around fitness enthusiast, or someone looking to set up a home gym, finding the perfect weight bench is crucial to safely achieve your strength goals and set new PRs.

Different Types of Weight Benches

Flat Bench: Our Rogue Flat Utility Benches stand out for their heavy-duty steel construction, providing stability and durability for intense workouts. With a 1000lb+ weight capacity, highly engineered polyurethane foam and textured pad options, and a sturdy design, these benches are perfect for various exercises like bench press, dumbbell flys, and numerous accessory movements.

Adjustable Bench: Our adjustable benches offer versatility, allowing you to target different muscle groups by adjusting the bench's angle. Whether you're performing incline bench press or seated shoulder press, these benches provide the flexibility you need for an effective workout.

Common Exercises Using Weight Benches

Weight benches are essential for a variety of exercises, including:

Bench Press: Target your chest, shoulders, and triceps with the classic flat or incline bench press.

Dumbbell Flys: Isolate and strengthen your chest with dumbbell flys, utilizing the support of a weight bench for proper form.

Dumbbell Pullover:  Engage your chest, back, and triceps with this core bodybuilding movement.

Seated Shoulder Press: Develop your shoulders and triceps with the seated shoulder press.

Core and accessory movements: A weight bench is a foundational piece of equipment for a variety of strength movements.

Choosing the Right Weight Bench

When selecting a weight bench, consider factors such as stability, adjustability, weight capacity, safety, pad type and width, and specific features that align with your strength training routine. Our range of benches caters to different needs and preferences, ensuring you find the perfect match for your needs.

At Rogue, we take pride in manufacturing the best in class weight benches  that elevate your training. Explore our full offering and take your strength training to new heights.