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Compex Muscle Stimulators: Fit Series

Availability: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. Available only in Australia. Pick-up not available.
Compex Fit 1.0 Electric Muscle Stimulator
Compex Fit 3.0 Electric Muscle Stimulator
Compex Fit 5.0 Electric Muscle Stimulator

Compex Muscle Stimulators: Fit Series

The new Fit Series from Compex represents another leap forward for truly custom-fitted electrostimulators—helping muscles reach their potential and recover after a workout. Available in three variations to fit any goals and budget, the Fit Series introduces state-of-the-art MI – Muscle Intelligence technology (on the Fit 3.0 and Fit 5.0 only). During use, the stimulator’s MI actually scans the treated muscle groups and adapts to the user’s physiology—creating an optimal level of electro-stimulation from warm-up to recovery. At the same time, Compex has given athletes more options than ever for selecting targeted programs and taking their device on-the-go.

From weightlifters and football players to sprinters and cyclists, any high-performance athlete can benefit from Compex's sophisticated but easy-to-use system.

Compex Fit Series - Electrical Muscle Stimulator Options:

Fit 1.0

  • For athletes who practice their activity 1-2 times per week
  • Body sculpting and pain management
  • Wired / Limited Exercise Range
  • 4 Channels and 10 Programs
  • Does NOT include MI or Web connection

Fit 3.0

  • For athletes who practice their activity 3 times per week
  • Body sculpting, pain management, massage, rehab
  • Wired / Limited Exercise Range
  • 4 Channels and 20 Programs
  • Includes MI-Scan Muscle Intelligence Technology
  • Does NOT include Web connection

Fit 5.0

  • For athletes who workout daily
  • Body sculpting, pain management, massage, rehab, endurance, advanced fitness
  • Wireless – No Limits on Movement
  • 2 Stimulation Modules and 30 Programs (upgradeable to 4 modules)
  • Includes MI-Scan and Mi-Range Muscle Intelligence Technology on all channels
  • Web Compatible – Uploadable device history

All Fit Series devices come with an guidebook, carrying case, and everything you need to get started. See the order menu to select the system that’s right for you.

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