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MobilityWOD Battlestar Kits

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MobilityWOD BattleStar™ 2.0 - Little Kit
MobilityWOD BattleStar™ 2.0 Full Kit
MobilityWOD BattleStar™ 2.0 Roller Kit
MobilityWOD BattleStar™ 2.0 - Big Kit
Big BattleStar™ 2.0
Little BattleStar™ 2.0
BattleStar™ Cradle
Battle Saw
X-Wing Handles (Pair)

Gear Specs

Made In USANo
Material TypeUrethane
Other Product SpecsSmall Battlestar: 50mm
Big Battlestar: 100mm
MobilityWOD Battlestar Kits
Product Description
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MobilityWOD BattleStar Kits

Available here in several exclusive kit options, the MobilityWOD BattleStar 2.0 Series offers athletes the next generation of precision massaging rollers—engineered for greater global shear and consistent gripping action.

Version 2.0 introduces an improved thermoplastic elastomer surface material for both the Big BattleStar and Little BattleStar, with 2mm grooves specialized for targeted deep-tissue therapy. Users can also pair the rollers with the compatible BattleStar Cradle or X-Wing Handles to maximize their leverage, control, and efficiency.


  • Massage Rollers Developed by Dr. Kelly Starrett & the MobilityWOD Team
  • TPE Construction for Superior Grip
  • 2mm Grooves for Precision Global Shear
  • Color: Blue

MobilityWOD BattleStar 2.0 Kit Options:

  • Full Kit - Big Battlestar 2.0 / Little Battlestar 2.0 / the Battle Saw / BattleStar Cradle / (2) X-Wing Handles
  • Roller Kit - Big Battlestar 2.0 / Little Battlestar 2.0 / BattleStar Cradle
  • Big Kit - Big Battlestar 2.0 / BattleStar Cradle
  • Little Kit - Little Battlestar 2.0 / BattleStar Cradle

Customers can also purchase the Battle Saw, X-Wings, or Cradle separately

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Breaking Down the BattleStar Series:

Big BattleStar 2.0 - 100mm diameter

Big BattleStar 2.0 - 100mm diameter

Version 2.0 of the MobilityWOD Big BattleStar™ updates what was already one of the most innovative and versatile massaging rollers on the market. This design includes a new elastomeric coating, improving the grip and "tack" of the roller for optimal shearing force in the joint tissues. Made from the same proprietary material as the MobilityWOD Gemini™ and SuperNova™, the Big BattleStar’s texture provides an optimal 40:60 ratio of raised contact to negative space, and its surface is now easier to clean and disinfect.

Little BattleStar 2.0 - 50mm diameter

Little BattleStar 2.0 - 50mm diameter

A perfect complement to the standard Big BattleStar™ roller, this small spindle is half the diameter (50mm), allowing for more acute pressure—like a barbell with better grip and adhesion.

Battle Saw - 70mm diameter

Battle Saw - 70mm diameter

This variant helps achieve better fascial/connective tissue penetration without the need for excessive pressure. Unlike the rounded edges of the BattleStars, the Battle Saw features a deep, diagonal groove pattern, with a 70mm diameter that sits right in-between the 100mm Big BattleStar and 50mm Little BattleStar. As Dr. Starrett puts it, “If the original BattleStar is a sledge hammer-wolverine, then the Battle Saw is a ballerina honey badger.”

X-Wing Handles

X-Wing Handles

Snap the X-Wing Handles onto either BattleStar™ or the Battle Saw and you have the best stick on the planet.

BattleStar Cradle

BattleStar Cradle

Compatible with both BattleStars and the Battle Saw, this 15” long cradle accessory allows you elevate and lock the roller into a fixed position, making precision work easier and giving you better leverage above the ground for treating the hips and some of the larger muscle groups.

Fast Rogue Shipping

Fast Rogue Shipping

Choose the BattleStar Kit that’s right for you using the order column on this page. The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.

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