Weight Plates

In the realm of strength training and weightlifting, weight plates stand as essential tools for added resistance for improved strength and muscular development. At Rogue, we prioritize the quality and durability of our plates, ensuring they serve reliably in your fitness pursuit.

Different Types of Weight Plates

Explore the diverse range of weight plates available at Rogue, each designed to cater to your specific training needs:

Bumper Plates: Discover the versatility and functionality of bumper plates, renowned for their durability and minimal bounce. Perfect for CrossFit, functional fitness, HIIT, and intense lifting sessions, our bumper plates offer superior performance and come in various types, including HG, Echo, and Competition plates.

Steel Plates: Experience the classic clang of steel plates, a traditional choice for weightlifting. With their sleek design and exceptional durability, our steel plates allow for maximum weight loading and are available in various types, such as Olympic and calibrated plates.

Competition Plates: Step up your game with our competition plates, meticulously designed for competition-level lifting. Featuring color-coded weight increments and chrome-plated disc inserts, these plates ensure precision and reliability for anyone looking to compete or those wanting nothing short of the best for their home gym or training facility.

Exercises Using Weight Plates

Not just for the barbell, unlock the full potential of weight plates with a myriad of exercises targeting different muscle groups:

Lower Body Exercises: Enhance your lower body strength with lunges and squats, incorporating weight plates for added resistance and balance.

Upper Body Exercises: Strengthen your upper body with exercises like plate presses and overhead tricep extensions, leveraging the versatility of weight plates for targeted muscle engagement.

Core Exercises: Engage your core with dynamic exercises like Russian twists and weighted crunches, utilizing plates to increase resistance and intensity.

The Various Materials of Weight Plates

Delve into the diverse materials used in weight plate construction, each offering unique benefits and functionalities:

Rubber Plates: Known for their durability and shock absorption properties, rubber plates are ideal for workouts where you might drop your barbell, such as Olympic weightlifting, CrossFit and functional fitness.

Steel and Cast Iron Plates: A classic design and renowned for their durability, steel plates provide a traditional weightlifting experience with their distinct clang and reliable performance.

Rubber Coated Plates: For those wanting an old school feel but with new school aesthetics, our urethane coated plates provide the best of both worlds. Ideal for anyone looking to bring a streamline look to their home gym or training facility.