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Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates

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10KG Pair
15KG Pair
20KG Pair
25KG Pair

Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USANo
10KG Plate Width3.4cm
15KG Plate Width4.7cm
20KG Plate Width5.8cm
25KG Plate Width7.0cm
Plate TypeMultipurpose
Product Description
Gear Specs

Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates

The color-coded version of Rogue’s budget-priced Echo Bumpers makes it easier to keep your plates organized and find the ones you need at a glance—especially in larger gyms where multiple athletes are using the same equipment.

Rogue Color Echo Bumper Plates have an IWF standard 450mm diameter and a weight within 1% of its target. Combined with stainless steel inserts and quality virgin rubber, the Echos offer a dead bounce and durability rarely seen in an economical plate.

You can order Echo Bumpers in full sets or as individual pairs, ranging from 10 KG to 25 KG. Just choose an option from the right-hand column, or contact Rogue for a custom request.

Plate Breakdown:
10KG (Green): 3.4cm
15KG (Yellow): 4.7cm
20KG (Blue): 5.8cm
25KG (Red): 7.0cm


  • Diameter: 450mm (+/- 3mm) / 17.72 inches (IWF Standard)
  • Collar Opening: 50.40mm / 1.98 inches
  • Stainless Steel Inserts
  • Weight Tolerance: +/- 1% of claimed weight
  • Minimal Bounce
  • Imported from China

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