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The Bella Bar 2.0 - Cerakote

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Made in U.S.A.
The Bella - Rogue Women's Bar - Cerakote
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The Bella Bar 2.0 - Cerakote

The new Cerakote Finish edition of the Rogue Bella Bar adds another level of durability and style to the industry’s finest American-made, multi-purpose women’s barbell. This is among the first bars in our arsenal to feature our advanced polymer-ceramic composite coating—an extremely robust finish used widely in the gun industry for its durability in thin applications. Available in a range of custom-color finish options with exclusive Rogue branding, this model is a genuine game changer

From garage gyms to the annual CrossFit Games, the Rogue Bella Bar has been a staple of women’s training and competition for years.

The Cerakote Finish version carries over many of the key design elements of the standard Bella Bar 2.0, including a 190,000 PSI tensile strength shaft (same as our flagship 20KG Ohio Bar), a hybrid knurling pattern for a firm but non-abrasive grip, and quality bronze bushings for a perfect balance of rigidity and natural whip.

Built with as much attention to detail as any bar in the Rogue family, the Bella Bar remains a women’s weightlifting bar forged on equal ground.


  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Weight: 15 KG (33 pounds)
  • Diameter: 25 mm (0.98 inches)
  • Bar Length: 2010 mm, Loadable Sleeve Length: 330 mm
  • Tensile Strength: 190,000 PSI
  • NEW Polymer-Ceramic Composite Finish option in Custom Colors w/ Rogue branding
  • Dual Knurl Marks: Both Powerlift and Olympic Knurling
  • No Center Knurl
  • Construction Warranty

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Gear Specs

Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Guarantee/WarrantyConstruction Warranty
Made In USAYes
Loadable Sleeve Length13.00"
F Rating™F6-R
Bar TypeWomen's Bars
Bar UseMultipurpose
Bar Weight15KG
Center KnurlNo
Knurl MarkDual
Shaft CoatingCerakote
Sleeve CoatingCerakote
Tensile Strength190,000 PSI
Cerakote Strength + Custom Colors

Cerakote Strength + Custom Colors

This version of the Bella Bar is distinct for its use of an advanced ceramic-based coating, originally established in the gun industry for its remarkable durability in thin applications. This unique finish can deliver superb abrasion/wear/corrosion resistance over time—100X that of standard black zinc—and it’s available to order in a range of exclusive colors, with the Rogue logo branded on the center of the shaft. See the menu for current color combination options.

190,000 PSI Steel

190,000 PSI Steel

This steel is manufactured in the US and has proven to be one of the best steel variants for a multi-purpose barbell.

Each barbell shaft is ground and polished prior to machining which allows the bar to have a very smooth finish.

Machining & Assembly

Machining & Assembly

Built to International Weightlifting Federation standards for women’s competition barbells, the 15 KG Bella Bar offers a slightly condensed size from standard men’s bars without sacrificing any of the performance elements. Every bar shaft is machined in Columbus, Ohio, with carefully refined knurling for a firm but non-abrasive grip. The Bella Bar’s snap ring design and quality bronze bushings help produce an ideal combination of the consistent “whip” needed for Oly lifts and the ample rigidity required for heavy powerlifting.

Oxidation Rate

The resistance of a barbell to oxidation depends on the type of steel and the coating. Barbells at the lower end of the spectrum will require more care and maintenance to preserve their appearance than barbells at the upper end of the spectrum.

F Scale™

The F Scale™ is a durability scale for barbells based on functional testing at stresses similar to what barbells experience when being dropped from overhead. Bars that have been treated with Rogue Work Hardening (RWH™) are designated by having an R in their F Rating™. For more information on F Scale™ click here.

Please Note:Ohio Bar Care Page
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