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Rogue Chan Bar - Cerakote

32 Reviews
Made in U.S.A.
Rogue Chan Bar - Cerakote

Rogue Chan Bar - Cerakote

32 Reviews
Made in U.S.A.
Rogue Chan Bar - Cerakote

Cerakote Options (1)*Black / Black

Product Description
Gear Specs
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Product Description

The Cerakote version of the Matt Chan Bar takes the key elements from the original design and introduces an assortment of new features, each selected with input from the CrossFit legend himself.

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The Cerakote version of the Matt Chan Bar takes the key elements from the original design and introduces an assortment of new features, each selected with input from the CrossFit legend himself.

These changes include:

  • A new stainless steel shaft with a higher tensile strength of 200,000 PSI
  • Ultra-durable Cerakote color finish with photo-negative style Rogue and Chan logos directly on the shaft
  • Your choice of Black Cerakote or Chrome Sleeves

The Cerakote Chan Bar is manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, USA, and features black composite bushings, 16.50" of loadable sleeve length, and dual Powerlifting and Olympic knurl marks. As part of Matt’s customization, a center knurl is included for athletes who prefer a little extra “stick” when in the front rack position or back squatting. This center knurling is non-cerakoted stainless steel and passive in texture, so it gives a “true” feel without shredding the skin like more aggressive center knurls might.

Gear Specs


  • Machined and Assembled in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Lifetime Guarantee Against Bending*
  • Diameter: 28.5MM
  • NEW Cerakote finish with “negative” Rogue and Chan logos on shaft
  • NEW Stainless Steel Shaft: 200 KSI tensile strength
  • Dual Knurl Marks for O-Lifts and Power Lifts
  • Standard Knurl with Passive Center Knurl (non-cerakoted)
  • Outer Knurling slightly more aggressive for easier hold during high rep barbell work, & spaced far enough apart for wide stances on cleans and deadlifts (without scrapes and bruises)
  • Choice of Black Cerakote or Chrome Sleeves
  • Black Composite Bushings
  • F Rating: F2
Shipping & Returns


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Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Guarantee/WarrantyLifetime Warranty*
Made In USAYes
Loadable Sleeve Length16.50"
Bar Length86.77"
F Rating™F2
Bar TypeMen's Bars
Bar UseMultipurpose
Bar Weight20KG
Center KnurlYes
Knurl MarkDual
Shaft CoatingCerakote over Stainless Steel
Sleeve CoatingCerakote or Chrome
Tensile Strength200,000 PSI

Rogue Chan Bar - Cerakote Features


Co-Developed With Matt Chan

As a former firefighter and four-time Top 10 finisher at the CrossFit Games, Matt Chan is a man whose opinions tend to carry weight around here. We took great pride in bringing his original vision for a custom barbell to life several years ago, and we’ve gladly welcomed him back to Columbus to work on our design for this new Cerakote version, which we think is one of the coolest bars we've built to date.


New Cerakote Finish

The new Chan Bar is finished using a polymer-ceramic composite coating called Cerakote, which has been popular for years in the gun industry for its remarkable durability in thin applications. This advanced finish can deliver superb abrasion/wear/corrosion resistance over time—100X that of standard black zinc—while also enabling much greater flexibility in color choices and design. Available here in a gun-metal grey, the finish creates a very unique look in combination with the stainless steel shaft. Customers can also opt for Black Cerakote sleeves (with chrome as the other option).


Rogue Machining and Assembly

Every bar shaft is machined in Columbus, Ohio, with painstaking attention to detail. We assemble the Chan Bar with a snap ring design and quality composite bushings, which act as bearing surfaces between the bar sleeve and bar shaft, producing normal “whip” during Oly weightlifting but enough stiffness to hold for heavy powerlifting.


New Stainless Steel Shaft

By changing to a stainless steel shaft with this model, we’ve increased its tensile strength to 200,000 PSI, while also opening up a great new aesthetic dynamic with the Cerakote coating. Rogue and Matt Chan logos are now featured directly on the shaft in a photo-negative effect. These logos are placed on each side of the center knurl.

F Scale™

The F Scale™ is a durability scale for barbells based on functional testing at stresses similar to what barbells experience when being dropped from overhead. Bars that have been treated with Rogue Work Hardening (RWH™) are designated by having an R in their F Rating™. For more information on F Scale™ click here.

Oxidation Rate

The resistance of a barbell to oxidation depends on the type of steel and the coating. Barbells at the lower end of the spectrum will require more care and maintenance to preserve their appearance than barbells at the upper end of the spectrum.

*Warranty against bending does not cover any bar which has been damaged due to negligent or faulty use, alteration, maintenance, storage or handling by the user. Negligent or faulty use includes abusive dropping of the bar (i.e., dropping the bar on a box, bench, spotter arms or pins in a power rack, excessive dropping with insufficient or damaged bumpers, or excessive dropping with iron plates, and similar usage). Any specific issues regarding a Rogue product with which a customer is not satisfied will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We have found that most problems with bars we replace are related to abusive use rather than manufacturing or materials issues.

Cleaning: The recommended maintenance is to use a plastic bristle brush and mild detergent to clean the knurl. Next, wipe the bar down with 3-in-1 oil. Finish by removing any excess oil with a dry towel. See more: Rogue Barbell Cleaning Kit