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Rogue Combo Rack

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Made in U.S.A.

Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USAYes
Product Weight505LB
Length77.25" (with bench)
Width80.25" (total width) / 43.5" (inside width)
Height78" (highest point with uprights fully extended) / 17.5" (Bench Height)
Foot Print77.25" x 80.25"
Steel Notes3x3" 7-Gauge Steel
Product Description
Gear Specs
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In developing the Rogue Combo Rack, we worked directly with the International Powerlifting Federation to produce a 2-in-1 bench/squat rack that’s not only IPF certified for 2019 competition use, but also uniquely engineered for easier custom adjustments and greater overall stability.

Manufactured with pride in the USA, the Combo Rack features a sturdy wide-angle base, two fully adjustable 3x3” 7-gauge steel uprights, a set of drop-in Safety Spotter Arms, and a removable Rogue Bench equipped with a competition Fat Pad and diamond-tread spotter decks. All of these components come with tightening knobs for a lock-in set-up and extra peace of mind.

When you want to switch between athletes of different sizes, the height of the J-cups can be quickly adjusted using our unique jack system—with no need to waste time removing plates from your barbell. Simply use the lever arms to raise or lower the position, referring to the laser-cut numbers in the uprights for guidance. Both the jack handles and the telescoping tubes of the uprights are made from stainless steel, as are the (4) machined pins used to set the upright height. Storage for these pins is integrated into the jacks themselves.

As another unique feature, the Combo Rack’s uprights can be positioned straight or angled inward 5 degrees, allowing larger athletes to put their hands on the outside of the J-cups while squatting.


  • Made in the USA
  • Squat/Bench Combination Rack
  • IPF Competition Certified
  • Footprint (w/ bench):  
  • Inside Width: 43.5”
  • Total Weight (including bench):  
  • 3x3” 7-gauge steel construction
  • Jack - Lever Arms for height adjustment
  • (2) Adjustable Uprights with laser-cut numbering & MG Black powdercoat finish
  • (4) Machined Pins
  • (4) J-Cups
  • (2) Steel Safety Spotter Arms - 19.5" x 3"
  • (1) Bench w/ Fat Pad and Spotter Decks
  • Rubber Feet and UHMW Plastic to protect equipment and surfaces

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Key Features of the Rogue Combo Rack

Precision Height Adjustments

Precision Height Adjustments

The Combo Rack comes equipped with a lever-arm jack system and telescoping uprights to enable custom height adjustments without having to remove plates from the bar in advance. Because there are two separate pairs of J-cups (one set for Squat and one for Bench), the racked bar height is adjustable from a minimum height of 29.461" (from the floor) up to 68.405". Shorter athletes can also elect to use the higher bench J-cup positions for squats.

Bench J-Cup Range (from floor): 29.461" up to 57.461"

Squat J-Cup Range (from floor): 40.405" up to 68.405"

Each J-cup also includes an acetal roller where the bars rests to allow for easy adjustments left to right while the user is getting set up.

Versatile Uprights

Versatile Uprights

The uprights on the Rogue Combo Rack are manufactured from 3x3" 7-Gauge Steel with laser-cut numbering and an MG Black powdercoat finish. The telescoping tubes are made from stainless steel. A set of (4) stainless steel machined pins are used to set the uprights’ height, which can be adjusted using the 1" on-center holes. Athletes can set-up the uprights either straight-up or angled inward 5 degrees; the latter set-up enables larger athletes to put their hands on the outside of the J-cups when squatting.

Removable Bench

Removable Bench

The Combo Rack’s bench comes standard with a competition Fat Pad (50" L x 12.5" wide x 4.5" thick). The top of this durable pad sits 17.5” above the floor. The bench also includes two diamond tread spotter decks that are finished in a texture black powder coat to provide “grip” and a stable platform. Athletes can easily remove the bench to set up the rack for squats.

Removable Spotter Arms

Removable Spotter Arms

The steel spotter arms on the unit measure 19.5” in length x 3” wide, and include stainless steel telescoping tubes + a UHMW plastic covering to protect the bar should a lift be failed. The spotters are also easy to remove when you switch over to squats.

Quality Rogue Manufacturing - IPF Certified

Quality Rogue Manufacturing - IPF Certified

The Combo Rack is made in the USA and built to International Powerlifting Federation requirements for competition use in 2019. The inside width of the rack is 43.5", and the overall footprint (with the bench installed) is a space efficient 77.25" deep x 80.25" wide. The unit is also equipped with important protection/safety features, including rubberized feet for stability and UHMW plastic to help prevent contact damage to your equipment or flooring. All components of the rack (uprights, bench, spotter arms) include special tightening knobs to further improve the stability and rigidity of the rack.

 Track Your Order

Track Your Order

The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door.

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