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Rogue 10KG Junior Bar

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Rogue 10kg Junior Bar

Fully machined and assembled in Columbus, Ohio, the Rogue 10KG Junior Bar is a beginner’s/technique barbell manufactured with the same quality and precision as our standard competition bars.

The latest version of the Junior Bar includes a 25MM, 190,000 PSI tensile strength shaft with Dual knurl marks for both Olympic and powerlifting, no center knurl, and a Black Zinc coating. The Bright Zinc sleeves are cut short with a loadable length of 6.625", while the distance between the sleeves is a competition standard 52-3/16”. This unique design makes the Junior Bar ideal for the beginning lifter--male or female, young or old--allowing them to load the bar with durable plates and train exactly as they would with a full-weight bar. The reduced sleeve length keeps the overall weight low, 11 pounds less than a women's bar and half the weight of a men's bar, while the sleeve spacing makes the bar conveniently rackable on any standard power rack.

The Junior Bar is built with quality bronze bushings and a snap ring design comparable to our original Rogue Bar and Bella Bar. If you want a beginner's or youth barbell that delivers the durability and reliable spin of the best bars in the industry, this is your choice.

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  • Manufactured in Columbus, OH
  • 190,000 PSI tensile strength steel
  • Diameter: 25MM
  • Overall Length: 66.80”
  • Loadable Sleeve Length: 6.625"
  • Distance Between Collars: 52.18”
  • Bronze Bushings
  • Snap Ring Construction
  • Dual Knurl Marks w/ No Center Knurl
  • Finish: Black Zinc shaft + Bright Zinc sleeves

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Gear Specs

Gear Specs

BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USAYes
Loadable Sleeve Length6.625"
F Rating™F6-R
Bar TypeJunior Bars
Bar UseTechnique
Bar Weight10KG
Center KnurlNo
Knurl MarkDual
Shaft CoatingBlack Zinc
Sleeve CoatingBright Zinc
Tensile Strength190,000 PSI

Oxidation Rate

The resistance of a barbell to oxidation depends on the type of steel and the coating. Barbells at the lower end of the spectrum will require more care and maintenance to preserve their appearance than barbells at the upper end of the spectrum.

F Scale™

The F Scale™ is a durability scale for barbells based on functional testing at stresses similar to what barbells experience when being dropped from overhead. Bars that have been treated with Rogue Work Hardening (RWH™) are designated by having an R in their F Rating™. For more information on F Scale™ click here.

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