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Rogue Gymnastic Rings

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Made in U.S.A.
Rogue Gymnastic Rings
Rogue Gymnastic Rings - No Straps
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BrandRogue Fitness
Made In USAYes
Product Weight7 lbs.
Steel Notes1.25" 14 Gauge
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Gear Specs
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Rogue Gymnastic Rings - Steel

The Product That Started It All

As the very first Rogue-manufactured product back in 2006, our steel gymnastics rings helped establish the level of excellence our customers would come to expect from the Rogue brand. The idea was that when a customer pulled a set of Rogue Rings out of the box, they would touch and feel something special that had been handmade for them. The welds would be perfect, the texture would be perfect, and you would know that you just purchased a quality piece of American-made equipment.

Today, Rogue’s heavy-gauge steel gym rings are still manufactured in Columbus, Ohio, and backed by a lifetime warranty against breaking. Designed as a 21st century take on a classic strength training staple, these rings can endure everything from CrossFit ring exercises to the daily pull-ups, ring dips, front levers, and muscle-ups of an Olympic gymnast’s regimen.

Rogue Rings feature 1.25" 14-gauge steel tubing, fully TIG welded by hand and powder-coated in a multi-step process with a zinc phosphate plating underneath and a firm but grip-friendly exterior coat. The provided ring straps and buckle system are ultra-durable, easily adjustable, and environmentally versatile. Whether you integrate a ring station into a custom home gym or swing the straps over a sturdy tree branch for an outdoor workout, there are very few limitations on where a set of Rogue Rings can go.

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  • Made in Columbus, OH, USA
  • Sold in sets of 2
  • Diameter: 1.25” standard or optional 1.11” FIG spec ring for athletes with smaller hands (FIG = International Gymnastics Federation)
  • Firm grip with or without chalk
  • A set includes (2) 1.5” Heavy Duty Nylon Straps with Buckle, available in Black, Desert Tan, or Ranger Green
  • *16' Strap features VELCRO® brand fasteners to keep the excess strap in one place

    Product Safety Information

    At Rogue we want to make sure that we deploy the safest products possible and provide our users with the best safety protocols we have available. Gymnastic ring straps are wear and tear items so inspection and disposal are imperative. To see safety protocols, click here.

    Make sure you are rigging the competition ring straps per the instructions.

    VELCRO® is a registered trademark of Velcro Industries B.V.

Fast Rogue Shipping

The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.

Key Features of Rogue Gymnastic Rings:

A Modern Gym Essential

A Modern Gym Essential

A dependable set of gym rings provides a full suspension training system for bodyweight fitness with true gymnastic capabilities. More challenging than a pull-up bar, gymnastics rings can dramatically improve any athlete’s upper body and core strength, while training better joint alignment and overall balance. Rogue Rings are scalable for non-gymnasts but built to Olympic quality to handle ring dips, muscle-ups, back levers, front levers, pull-ups, dips, ring push ups, ring rows, and anything else you can throw at them.

A Proven Track Record

A Proven Track Record

Our steel gym rings were the very first product manufactured in our original Columbus factory and sold through the Rogue Fitness store. That was back in 2006. In the years since, these rings have been battled tested at the highest levels of competition, and put to daily use in thousands of garage gyms and training facilities around the world. Many of the rings installed by gym owners more than a decade ago are still in use today; proving why all Rogue Rings are backed by a lifetime warranty against breaking.

Quality American-Made Construction

Quality American-Made Construction

Made with pride in Columbus, Ohio, our steel Rogue Rings feature 1.25" 14-gauge steel tubing; fully TIG welded by hand and powder-coated in a multi-step process with a zinc phosphate plating underneath and a firm but grip-friendly exterior coat. That black powdercoat finish holds chalk effectively, and also gives Rogue Rings a classic look and lasting sheen through years of use.

Includes Rogue Straps & Fasteners

Includes Rogue Straps & Fasteners

Each set of Rogue Rings comes with our heavy-duty 1.5” wide nylon ring straps and buckle system, enabling a quick set-up and easy adjustments, indoors or out. Velcro fasteners are also provided to keep the excess portion of each strap secured. These 16-foot long ring straps are available in your choice of black, desert tan, or ranger green, and can be hung from a crossmember in your gym or by a swingset, secure tree branch, etc.* An extended 40-foot strap is also available (in black only) at an additional cost.

Optional Compatible Accessories

Optional Compatible Accessories

To help you get the most out of your new ring set, Rogue offers a variety of additional accessories (sold separately), including top-grade Competition Ring Straps, the ceiling-mounted Rogue Ring Hanger, Rash Guards to protect your forearms, and the Rogue Rings Door Strap accessory for creating a suspension training station in your home or office. For an alternative grip option, you can also swap in a pair of our natural Wood Gymnastics Rings.

Fast Rogue Shipping

Fast Rogue Shipping

Whether you order a single set of Rogue Rings for your garage gym or multiple sets for a large facility, all orders placed by 3PM ship the same day when products are in stock. The Rogue Shipping System allows you to track your order from the time you place it to the time it hits your door. Order today, track today.

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