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Tia-Clair Toomey

Career Highlights

It's getting hard to remember a time when Tia-Clair Toomey wasn’t the "Fittest Woman on Earth," and it's even harder to imagine anyone else exemplifying that title quite like she has. The 27 year-old Australian has now won four straight CrossFit Games and, since 2017, has stood atop the podium in every live competition in which she has competed.

Tia’s road to becoming the greatest women’s CrossFitter of all-time actually began with a pair of runner-up finishes at both the 2015 and 2016 CrossFit Games. While a bit heartbreaking at the time, those performances left little doubt that her time would soon come, as few athletes in the sport, male or female, showcased such a complete skill-set and tenacious work ethic at such a young age.

In appropriate fashion, it took some relentless effort and a nail-biting finish (994 points to 992 over Kara Webb) to finally win Toomey her first Games title in 2017. And after defending her crown in 2018 (1154 to 1090 over Laura Horvath) and 2019 (1071 to 876 over Kristin Holte), her dominating win in 2020 was perhaps most impressive of all, chalking up 1025 points in the Games Finals; 360 points ahead of her nearest competitor, Katrin Davidsdottir (665).

Much of Toomey’s forward momentum really began after that second runner-up finish in 2016, when she followed up her CrossFit season by boarding a plane for Rio, where she competed for her native Australia as a weightlifter in the Summer Olympic Games. For the second time in the span of a few weeks, Toomey tested herself against elite athletic competition from around the globe, and once again, she did more than hold her own, finishing fifth in her group of Women’s 58KG lifters.

Considering her age and continuing improvement, we might not have even seen Tia Toomey reach her full potential as an all-around athlete just yet . . . a scary thought for anyone hoping to challenge her in the years ahead.