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NormaTec PULSE 2.0 Arm Recovery System

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Made In USANo
Other Product SpecsWorld voltage 12 V power and rechargeable li-ion battery
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The NormaTec Pulse Arm Recovery System is utilized by trainers across all major professional sports, and now features a smaller, portable-friendly control unit and an updated, bluetooth enabled app.

The nylon arm attachments of the Pulse 2.0 system offer a high-tech, low stress solution for quick, comprehensive recovery of the shoulders, biceps, forearms, etc. Whether your focus is climbing, cross-training, throwing, tackling, or powerlifting, wearing NormaTec’s electronically stimulated compression sleeves before or after an intense workout can help warm up / rejuvenate the muscle tissue and dramatically reduce tightness and soreness—meaning less downtime and greater productivity.

The Arm Recovery System’s new lightweight control unit allows you to custom adjust the zone settings and intensity levels, sending up to 110 mmHg of compression into the integrated tubing of the arm attachments. The process mirrors natural occurring waveform flows in the body, and works painlessly while you rest. A 12 volt power supply and all other necessary components are included in your order.

Size Chart:

Height5'3" and under5'4" - 6'3"6'4" and over

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Pulse 2.0 Control Unit:

  • Light, handheld control unit now 27% smaller for better portability
  • Easy-to use digital interface
  • New Bluetooth enabled app
  • Custom compression levels from 30 to 110 mmHg
  • Customizable time, pressure, and zone settings
  • Zone Boost feature
  • World voltage 12 V power and rechargeable li-ion battery
  • Two year warranty on all components.

Compression Arm Attachments:

  • Full-length coverage with overlapping segments for balanced compression of entire arm
  • Made from durable nylon
  • Convenient zipper for quick removal and easy cleaning
  • Compression tubing already fully integrated into sleeves
  • Two year warranty on all components.
  • Size: Short, Standard, or Tall

Other Variations of the Pulse 2.0 System:

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