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Blackroll Groove - Black

BLACKROLL Flow Standard - Black


Availability: Ships in 3-5 Business Days. Available only in Australia. Pick-up not available.

BLACKROLL® Flow Standard

The standard 30cm x 15cm BLACKROLL® Flow is a versatile massaging roller backed by years of sports science research and quality German engineering. Great for use both before and after a workout, the Blackroll’s deep massaging grooves allow the user to target a wide variety of muscle groups—from the neck and shoulders to the calves and feet—loosening tense connective muscle tissues (myofascial release) in the same way a professional sports massage does.

The revolutionary surface design of the FLOW combines two philosophies: one side offers a soft roll out of the fascia and the other, harder side, an active stimulation. Both rolling directions are individually applicable and if required perfectly combinable.


  • Mobility Tool / Massaging Roller for pre or post workout
  • Dimensions: 30 cm x 15 cm (11.8" x 5.9")
  • High-quality Polypropylene (PP5) construction - 100% Recyclable
  • Outer grooves creates vibration for improved blood circulation
  • Can be used for any floor/ground exercise
  • Deep tissue massage effect
  • Improve balance and flexibility while reducing soreness, injury risks
  • Made in Germany: Chemical-Free, Odor-Free, Water Resistant
  • Color: Black

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Gear Specs

Brand Blackroll
Made In USA No
Color Black
Length 30 cm
Width 15 cm