The Cliffhanger Challenge

The Cliffhanger Challenge


Challenge Starts: 6/14/24 at 9:00AM EST

Challenge Ends: 6/24/24 at 8:00PM EST

Challenge Overview

THe Cliffhanger Challenge

See info below for official standards and to register. Once you’ve completed your challenge attempt, submit your time and video evidence using the instructions in the Beyond the White Board app. Also be sure to use #ryourogue and tag @roguefitness to share your experience!


Max hang from a pull-up bar. The athletes with the longest hang will win the contest.

Tie Breaker: Body Weight
* Note - Body weight will only be requested following the competition in the event of a tie between two competitors
* Heavier body weight wins 

Note: Athletes may make as many attempts during their challenge video as they would like.


Challenge Start Date & Time: June 14 at 12PM EST
Challenge Close Date & Time: June 24 at 8PM EST

*Scores cannot be updated or added to the leaderboard following the competition close date and time. Please allow sufficient time for completing and submitting your score and video in advance.


  • Competitors will submit a time and it will display in min : sec : tenths

Eligibility Standards and Age Groups:

Competitive Division 

Male (Ages 14 and over)
Female (Ages 14 and over)

Community Division:

Male (Ages 14 and over)
Female (Ages 14 and over)

* Competitive Division: Athlete scores count towards "Overall Challenge" and are required to perform the workout RX and follow all rules and video requirements outlined.

* Community Division: Athletes scores do not count toward the "Overall Challenge", are not eligible for official records or prizes. Video submissions are not required. Athletes will receive t-shirts (if purchased) and registrations count towards a gym's total sign up. 

To be considered as a competitor, the athlete must register for the challenge on this page and follow all workout and video flows as outlined.

Cliffhanger Challenge Records:


Kacy Catanzaro - 9:14


Jonas Vilikovsky - 60:20

Equipment Needed


  • Standard pull-up bar meeting the specs listed below
  • Visible Timer - this can be a gym timer in the frame, a phone with the timer feature up in frame, or a stopwatch in frame
  • Tape Measure

Pull-up bars must meet the requirements below in order to be acceptable for this competition:

  • All metal
  • Standard straight bar, NOT angled
  • Standard powder coat, Cerakote, or bare steel finish is acceptable
  • The bar cannot be knurled or have any other type of artificial texturing added, including tape of any kind
  • Minimum diameter of the pull-up bar must be 1.125" or 3.53" circumference. There is no maximum measure for the same spec.
    Pull up bars dimensions should be measured in inches
  • There is no height requirement for the bar.
  • Rogue brand pull-up bars are not required
  • Note - If you are not sure if your bar will be accepted, please email pictures and measurements to for approval.

Permitted Equipment:

  • Gym chalk (magnesium carbonate)
  • Shoes of any style must be worn

Not Permitted Equipment:

  • Lifting Belts of any type
  • Liquid Chalk
  • Tacky of any kind
  • Hand Grips of any kind (including liquid grip)
  • Lifting Straps, Support Straps, or any other kind of straps
  • Braces of any kind
  • Gloves or any type of hand or forearm or bicep coverings
  • Tape of any kind anywhere on the hands or bar
  • Sticky Adhesives or grip adhesives of any kind anywhere on the clothing, body or bar including spray or other
  • Elbow Sleeves or Wraps
  • Angled pull-up bars

Any athlete who alters the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the video standards may be disqualified from the competition.

Recommended Equipment:

Flow & Movements


To be Announced 6/13


To be Announced 6/13

Video Submissions

To be Announced 6/13


Track the Chliffhanger Challenge Competition


Competitive Male

1st Place$1,000 Rogue Gift Card
Rogue Anvil Grip Set
2nd Place$500 Rogue Gift Card
Dinnie Ring Set
3rd Place$250 Rogue Gift Card
Rogue Cannonball Grips Set

Competitive Female

1st Place$1,000 Rogue Gift Card
Rogue Anvil Grip Set
2nd Place$500 Rogue Gift Card
Dinnie Ring Set
3rd Place$250 Rogue Gift Card
Rogue Cannonball Grips Set

Top 3 Gyms with Sign-Ups

Total entries per gym

1st PlaceRogue Anvil Grip Set
2nd PlaceDinnie Ring Set
3rd PlaceRogue Cannonball Grips Set

Gym/Box Participants and Signups: 

*Tie Breaker: highest placing team member

Note: Gym affiliations must be entered by the competitor during the registration process for it to count towards the total sign ups. Submissions through email are not accepted/credited


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