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Max weight held a minimum of 30 seconds, one barbell in each hand.

See info below for official standards and to register. A $10 entry fee gets you into the competition; $30 gets you entry + an official Rogue Challenge t-shirt. Once you’ve completed your challenge attempt, submit your time and video evidence using the instructions in the Beyond the White Board app. Also be sure to use #ryourogue and tag @roguefitness to share your experience!


RX Male Winner

1st Place$2500 + Anvil Grip
2nd Place$1000 + Dinnie Ring Set
3rd Place$500 + Dinnie Ring Set

RX Female Winner

1st Place$2500 + Jammer Pull-up Bar
2nd Place$1000 + Jammer Pull-up Bar
3rd Place$500 + Jammer Pull-up Bar


Total entries per gym

1st PlaceAnvil Grip
2nd PlaceDinnie Ring Set
3rd PlaceDinnie Ring Set




Max weight held a minimum of 30 seconds, one barbell in each hand.Athletes with the heaviest total load between both barbells will win the contest.

Tie breaker: Total hold time over 30 seconds.Note: Athletes may make as many attempts during their challenge video as they would like. Video submissions may not exceed 10 minutes in length.


Challenge Start Date & Time: July 16 at 9 AM Eastern Time
Challenge Close Date & Time: July 19 at 8 PM Eastern Time

*Scores cannot be updated or added to the leaderboard following the competition close date and time. Please allow sufficient time for completing and submitting your score and video in advance


Men - ages 14 and over
Women - ages 14 and over

To be considered as a competitor, the athlete must register for the challenge at and follow all workout and video flows as outlined.


  • Visible timer in frame - this can be a gym timer, a phone with the timer feature up, or a stopwatch
  • Digital weight scale to confirm the weights to be used for the hold
  • 2 Standard 15kg (35 LB) or 20kg (45 LB) barbells - center knurling is not permitted
  • Weight plates with the weight clearly marked - max of 18" diameter
  • Barbell collars
  • Recommended: 10' x 10' clear unobstructed area in which to conduct the challenge with no other equipment in the space
  • Rogue brand gear is not required


  • Gym chalk (magnesium carbonate)
  • Weightlifting belt
  • Knee/elbow sleeves (single or pairs)
  • Wrist supports/wraps
  • Shoes in any style must be worn


  • Barbells with center knurling
  • Tacky of any kind
  • Any type of liquid grip
  • Gloves or any kind of forearm or bicep coverings
  • Sticky adhesives or grip adhesives of any kind anywhere on the bar (including spray or other)
  • Multiple layers of sleeves/wraps on top of each other
  • Lifting straps of any kind
  • Knee and elbow wraps
  • Tape or any other material added to the barbell and/or fingers/hands


An approved workout will consist of the following movements:

Barbell Hold

Barbells begin on the floor

  • Barbells and athlete must be on the same level surface
  • Competitors must lift the barbells into the hold position without assistance
  • This is a traditional farmers style hold with one barbell in each hand and the athlete between the bars
  • Any style of grip is allowed, but males must use a pair of 20KG bars and women must use a pair of 15KG bars
  • Competitor must have equal weight loads in both hands
  • Barbells may only be supported with the hands
  • Body may or may not be locked out
  • The barbells are lifted to the holding position where all plates are clearly off the ground
  • The timer may begin once the plates from each barbell are off of the ground

See The Barbell Hold instructional video above for a visual example of the prescribed movements.

Any athlete who alters/modifies the equipment or movements described in this document or shown in the video standards may be disqualified from the competition if deemed by the head judges to give an unfair advantage.


The workout begins with the athlete standing at full extension with one barbell on each side of them.

  • The athlete should be facing the camera

When the athlete is ready, they may reach down and begin their attempt:

  • The clock should begin when all plates on both barbells are off the ground
  • The athlete picks up and holds the barbells for a minimum of 30 seconds, but continues to hold for as long as possible over 30 seconds for their tie breaker score

The attempt is over when any part of the load touches the ground.

  • The timer is stopped when any part of either barbell/plate comes into contact with the ground

If the athlete is going for another attempt during the same video:

  • Athlete should reload the barbells to new weight
  • Athlete needs to declare the new weight attempted
  • Timer needs reset to start from 0 again
  • Athletes may make as many attempts during their video as they would like. Video submissions may not exceed 10 minutes in length.


All video submissions should be uncut and unedited in order to accurately display the performance. Videos shot with a fisheye lens or similar lens may be rejected due to the visual distortion these lenses cause. Sound should be ON during the filming. Be sure the athlete has adequate space to safely complete the movements and clear the area of all extra equipment, people, or other obstructions so that the video is clear.

The video should begin with the athlete standing straight in front of the camera ensuring that the video clearly shows the entire body. Critical items that need to be clearly visible on the video:

  1. Full body of athlete including feet at all times during the entire range of motion of the workout
  2. The barbells must be in the full shot

Next the athlete will need to follow the steps outlined below:

  1. The submitted video should start with the entire athlete in frame stating their name followed by the challenge name.
  2. The athlete needs to show the camera all supportive equipment they are wearing or will wear for the challenge to confirm it all matches the rules outlined.
  3. The camera should then clearly show all equipment the athlete will use or may use during their challenge. All of the following must be shown:
    • Both barbells, including end caps, clearly showing there is no center knurling, tape, tacky, or any banned substance on the bars
    • All weight plates that the athlete may use during their attempt(s)
    • Plates need to clearly have the weights printed on them
    • All gear needs to stay in camera shot during the entire video
  4. The athlete needs to weigh all plates and barbells on camera, as shown in the challenge demo video.
    • Camera must show each plate on the scale and the scale reading
    • Camera must show each barbell on the scale and the scale reading
    • If the athlete may make multiple attempts at different weights during their attempt, all possible plates that will be used need to be weighed during this step
    • Required regardless of equipment brand
  5. The camera should move back into the correct filming angle for the challenge attempt.
    • The bars should be loaded at this time
    • The final position should capture the athlete with a straight-on shot to clearly show the timer and all plates leaving the ground
  6. Once the athlete is ready they may begin the workout based on the criteria outlined above.
  7. When the athlete drops their barbells on their final attempt, the video may conclude.
    • If the athlete is going to make another try, they need to follow the steps outlined in the "flow" section above.
  • All of the steps above should be done with the camera continuously running for the video to be accepted.
  • Failure to show these steps/items could make the video submission subject to rejection at the judges' discretion.
  • Refer to the demo video on the Rogue website for a visual for how the workout and video should flow.